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not like you couldn't see this coming

The joys of socialized medicine.  FYI last time one of the kids needed to see the GP, wait was same day.

The average wait for a routine GP appointment is now more than two weeks, for the first time ever, according to Pulse's annual survey of waiting times.

A midpoint analysis of data from the survey of 901 GPs across the UK found that the average waiting time is now 15 days - the first time it has ever exceeded a fortnight.

More than 22% of GPs said that the wait for a routine appointment was more than three weeks, with 6% said that it was longer than four weeks.

This follows the news earlier this year that there was a 15% increase in month-long waits for GP appointments, according to the BMA.

Official figures from earlier this year suggested that the average waiting times for all appointments in England was more than three weeks now. However, this data included follow-up appointments, where it was clinically appropriate to see the GP at a later date.


However, the NHS data also found that 40% of all appointments were same-day, urgent appointments.

The number of full-time equivalent GPs has been falling in recent years at the same time demand has been rising.

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Re: not like you couldn't see this coming

People in the UK love their NHS.

Bolton says that we'll move quickly on a post-Brexit free trade deal. That is presumably so the pharma-medical portion of our deep state corporate blob can fix all that.

They could import Cuban doctors if they chose- Cuba has tons of them.

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Re: not like you couldn't see this coming

Read the comments.