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Senior Contributor

obalmo rape of middle america day 7

the lies he has told about cutting middle income taxes 18 times has been a wholesale rape of america --truth is by letting gws tax cuts die away he will raise all middle income family taxes by 3000 dollars a year--i challenge any lib to  find 18 tax cuts ---or admit obalom o is a liar

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: obalmo rape of middle america day 7

As if anyone would waste the time debating anything with you.  I know who is telling the lies on here.  Gotcha, gee this is still fun, run and hide if you must, low iq again plus small d-ck syndrome.  yep it all adds up now.

Senior Contributor

Re: couldnt name one i see

i love it when you go into your childish rant because you are afraid to debate me ---there are 18 according to obalmo find them--now that is a GOTCHA!!!!