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Senior Contributor

obalmo running from osamacare

love seeing him run backwards but his type is more use to backing up to a plow than thinking---come on libs quit hiding and back your boy up or  are  you skeerd to  i love this

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: obalmo running from osamacare

I knew it wouldn't long. "Typut". What does that mean? "Skeerd". Should that be "scared"

But how about your reference to blacks being no better than Plow animals. What a disgusting little grub you are. And all your racist grub republican mates on here haven't got the guts to chastise you because they are racist pigs as well. You must feel good being leader of the racism cheer squad.

You add nothing to debate on here and only reason you are here is because it is a republican religious site and that allows you passage. You stinking ratbag grub. You nothing but the result of a lower bowel contraction.
Senior Contributor

Re: so you agree thanks

no where did you deny obalmo is running skeerd from osamacare and the gov has made slaves of blacks for years ---right or wrong please try me ----i love making a fool out of you every time  ---so now what was racist in my post ---try me and i will kick yourt buttt like surebutt and not so great who  run from me =---but then they fear real men like me