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Senior Contributor

obalmo visit to mass costs dem 9 points

a visit by the dummy in chief costs the demoncrat cand 9 points in pols i hope demoncrats keep obalmo up front  come on nov

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Re: obalmo visit to mass costs dem 9 points

I had heard that the dem candidate for governor in Wisconsin wants the Zero to campaign for her. Oh, from her lips to God's ears. Scott Walker could use the help!
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: obalmo visit to mass costs dem 9 points

I hope that Obama comes to MN to campaign for Little Al and Goofy Mark....those two races are now down to single digits as the public is getting closer to voting time and a visit by the POTUS is what Mike McFadden and Jeff Johnson could really benefit from.


I wish McFadden would call Al Franken "ObamasBitch" like many voters are. McFadden absolutely killed Franken in the WCCO debate and the race is probably a lot closer than the polls from a week ago indicate. The moderaters asked Franken three times to answer a question about Ebola and a travel ban, and Franken could not come up  with a straight answer. That is what happens when you are someone elses beetch and not your own guy.


As for Jeff Johnson, he is just too MN nice to take on the trust fund turd, but he is doing a good job. Too bad the guy isn't better looking so that he would attract the female vote. As it is, both have kind of a goofy look, but at least Jeff Johnson can talk coherently.