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Senior Contributor

Re: Re:not with tax money

So that is how you talk to your customers. How do you stay in business?  Interesting

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: i never said billion

he spent over 1590 milion on a battery co that started in 2010 and never made one battery but are still  being paid to play card games --coem on libs back your thief up -


Above is your post.  Not only can you not spell Million but you do not know how many a million is.  1590 million is how many Moll?  Does 1.590 billion ring a bell - little man? You will need more than yourtoes to go up to this number.  You are a numbnutted moron.

Senior Contributor

Re: i just call a spade

when i see one and all my customers knoiw i will stand for them anytime --now as to your ori post only 5% of businesses over 100 mil go under --the obalm o rate is 50 % expalin why