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Re: obamo doubles gas prices

@idalivered wrote:

You're right craig, the pricce was well over $4 during the Bush admin. I find it interesting the US gasoline consumption has fallen every year since 2007. I would also say that the oil price increase is more a function of spec money leaving the stock market and trying to find a profitable home in the oil and commodity market. I didn't research but remember that recently US oil stock are historically quite high.  Enough with the "der fuhrer" thing.

The reason gasoline consumption has fallen every year since 2007 is because of ethanol.


Re: obamo doubles gas prices

good for me!

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Re: obamo doubles gas prices

That has to be bad only for those of you who have stock in oil companies.


lack of ability??????

He said that is what be wanted to do.
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Re: Pump And Circumstance

A new president is going to overnight change the price of oil and gas in this country.  Shirley you don't really mean that , do you??????

bruce MN

Or maybe??


When you get down to the last paragraph you could probably say he's in on the game for not excersizing his influence to install the sort of actions it would take to deal with what the author lays out in the proceeding text. That he's a part of the problem in that respect. Then try to envision him taking that sort of proposal to this Congress.


And then try to imagine anybody proposing further regulation of anything in this climate. Newt and Michelle would have a field day with it. First saying that something should be done about this. and then when somebody did saying it should never have been done.

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Re:face it your boy has been outted---now run