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obamo helping the environment

on his latest jaunt he only took 20 vehicles ---man that should help the air quality---but then if he was there the air was already polluted

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Re: obamo helping the environment

What is the normal requirement when a president goes travelling.  When Bush came to OZ in 2007, the press counted no less then 24 vehicles they could identify not to mention all the other unmarked ones.  How many security guards did he take with him on hols?  Come on Moll, don't be a troll and throw s--t on us then retract down your hypocritical burrow. Let us have the facts.


Senior Contributor

Re: obamo helping the environment

bet you dont know but bush is not president and america is getting tired of obamo playing the bush card but it does show his lack of leadership ---but we knew that it wasnt in the bloodlines