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BA Deere
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Re: obamo said bring a gun

Was it Carville that said, Clinton could give Obama a "ball" and that way they`d both have a pair.

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Re: Good Gravy, Gimme A Break.

Oh, she was talking about energy huh?!  Well, Obama was talking about the fact stupid people would bring a knife to a gun fight.  His meaning was that if the right wants to start a fight the left would have to be better prepared.  You know that as well as any and as to you saying you were cleaning your guns meant that you were preparing for a fight.  Also, how the hell would you know what the army teaches anyone??  You NEVER served a day!  I don't know about who did what to bush's pictures but if some nut did, he was just as wrong as palin is.  I thought all you folks say that Obama HATES guns  Now you say he really likes them.  Make up your mind or do you change according to which way the argument is going??

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Re: hey ole yeller

And when did you learn that?  It hasn't been too many hours that all of you were using the argument that we didn't know what his motive was.  Smarter people than you (FBI agents) seem to think that his targeting of Gabby was in itself political.

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Re: hey ole yeller--yea surebutt you

we all know it was political --his roommate sid the shooter was a left winger

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Re: hey ole yeller

Knapper - 

My friends, though statements Obama and Plain made may have been ill-advised and the whole concept of "targeting" or being in the "cross hairs" are in retrospect inappropriate, this is all simply a story popularized and higlighted by the media, opposing political forces and pundits on both sides. It's basically horse crap. 


The real problem is that we no longer feel the "opposition" has anything legitimate to say. We are too divisive. The opposition is irrelevant, therefore they are simply rabid curs to be shot on site. This attitude is the problem. We don't feel that each other's opinion is worth an iota of consideration. We have made each other targets to be eliminated at all cost.


Whatever Obama, Palin or anyone else as said, it did not incite anyone to violence. People can go to the internet and read things that feed their fears. Things that incite them to consider horrible things. They get reinforcement easily and quickly. You can go to any number of websites and find where conservatives or liberals (you pick) are horrible people, jeopardizing liberty, personal freedom, infringing on the Constitution and yes, even trying to kill people. When we hear that so and so is a Nazi, or a Marxist or worse, what are people with limited mental faculties supposed to make of it? No matter what your bent, you can find people who think likewise and believe that "we should take matters into our own hands."


It is time to act civil. It is time to debate without resorting to calling each other lower than the lowest dog or killers or worse.

Kudos Knapper! 

I still contend the party out of power will say more vitriolic things while the party in power will typically have more problems with corruption as the money tends to go where the "special interest groups"  believe they will get the most bang for their buck. 

Oops!  Just to be clear, by using the word "bang" I was in no way trying to incite gun violence.