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odummer on the run

see where odummer wants to investigate the oil industry why not-----investigate his bribe scheme----but then his kind has always run and hid ------run boy run

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Might I suggest

Might I suggest that you refrain from comments such as "but then his kind has always run and hid ------run boy run."


Kind, is ambiguous and allows those on the left to assert that you are referring to his race rather than his obvious faults and lack of experience.  Then you use the word "boy" which has derogatory connotations to African Americans.  That further inflames with heat and not light. 

Finding President Obama's faults and mistakes shouldn't be too difficult, he makes mistakes daily.  However it isn't his race that causes him problems, it's his background, experience and associations.  Far too many African Americans or those of color prosper and add to the economy to believe that race is the overriding cause of his failures.


Re: Might I suggest

i have al ways talkede about hgis background and lack of work ethic -----i always thought the only ones thinking otherwise were closet racists