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Veteran Advisor

offshore wind

settin' to boom.

Even here, although we're (intentionally) behind the curve.

Coal is dead (shoulda taken Hillary's transition money) and the gas fracking biz ain't looking so good either. There's going to be a lot of gas burned well into the future but they're stuck in a vortex of their own making- they're like farmers with $3000 land growing $2 corn. Like oil, a Peak Money deal.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: offshore wind

unfortunately, the people who build and install wind turbines and solar panels are enslaved by the socialists and receive no salary.

Senior Contributor

onshore wind

Take away the subsidies (that carbon fuels receive also), distortions and regulations and let the winner win.  

Veteran Advisor

Re: onshore wind

How the generation side of things plays out is pretty clear now.

The big obstacles now are the dense patchwork of state utility commissions, often under the control of private utility interests.

You gotta be able to move the juice around.

One of the very many things the neoliberal republicans (with some dems also) did was hang a "privatized" system on us.

But a regulatory body can tell a private entity what they can and can't do. Unless our Corporate SCOTUS says that's communism.

BTW, whadya think about Trump's EPA stabbing farmers in the back?