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oh this is funny

On so many levels.


The respected kunstler:

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Re: oh this is funny

I guess that is why she got almost 2 million more votes than trump.
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Re: oh this is funny

I can only take small doses of Kunstler at a time.  but this bringing up of "pardoning Hillary" of should obama do it or should Trump do it?  Seriously, that`s an issue...Hillary is in so much hot water that she had to win to essentially pardon herself, man that`s messed up! 


But I hear of snowflakes throwing tantrums around the country going nuts.  Here i don`t see it, people are happy, life goes on, I don`t see #idiotlivesmatter closing down Secor Avenue and busting out windows in the Pamida store because Trump won.  Farmers are chisel plowing, Kenny down at the NAPA store is selling oil filters, God`s in His Heaven and all is good.  But in this county Trump got 60% of the vote and Hillary 30% so we don`t participate in the madness.




Re: oh this is funny

In all likelhood, those wonderful kids of his are just the ones he didn't pay to have aborted.


And yeah, the nannies and prep schools did OK, I guess.


Re: oh this is funny

Yeah, they're keepers, for sure.


Anything is possible although it seems exceedingly likely when you're a rich man about town and have hundreds of beautiful women "throwing themselves at you" that contraception fails occasionally.


And the same principle applies as does for ghetto basketball phenoms who end up with four baby mamas. Similar principle also applies to trophy wives- the first thing they always do is kick out a kid for their insurance policy.


I can't even begin to explain all the ways that these people aren't like you. Some knowingly took that gamble but most are and will remain clueless.


"When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Maya Angelou


Re: oh this is funny

we are about to see Graft of a magnitude that would be unfathomable in our wildest dreams. The Clinton's are small potatoes in comparison. 


** Trying to hook it up that visiting diplomats and such stay at his DC Hotel.(violation of the Constitution)

** talking a deal with Argentina's leader..( violation of the Constitution)

** Trying to get Nigel Farage as the diplomat to the US from GB, and by the way Nige, put a moratorium on windmills by my Golf course...(violation of the Constitution)


that is just a small taste of what Don the Con is working already..................... I'm sure our strict Constitutionalists will be all over it.........Smiley Surprised


Don the Cons response to questions so far.................... You knew before you elected me that I had these conflicts.


 like your last sentance says Nox ..............





Re: oh this is funny

It is possible that he's so smart and took the only route a rich swingin' (baby christian) d$%k can do to avoid that.


Have sperm frozen and stored in a few places and then have a vasectomy.


Possible. As I said, they're not like us.

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Good read...thanks for posting

I tend to agree with much of the ideas expressed, and that the crap sandwich that Barry left for

his successor will undoubtably lead to much more misery than anyone currently contemplates.


BTW, welcome back to the Ag Forum, Sam. RSBS = Red Steele.....I was away for a few weeks and

when I came back I was logged out, and when I reactivated my account, the name showed up as

"rsbs"...maybe the moderator did that as a joke....Red Steele's


Nice to see the forum fruitcakes quieted down after the election....sure, we still have Nutz going off

on his tangents and replying incessantly to himself, a pretty good sign of mental illness, but the 

real whackos seem to have hunkered down as the Trump storm sweeps the nation and all that

they hold near and dear......not God and/or family but all the other good stuff like section 8 housing,

obama phones, food stamps etc.......seems to be in jeopardy as the workers showed their anger

by showing up and voting in droves.

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Re: oh this is funny

WCCO radio in MN spent about a week letting people sound off on how 

bad it was going to be, and then seemed to smell the coffee and now they

are talking about , hey, maybe Trump does have a few good ideas.


Go Figure.


I am OK with Trump pardoning Hillary Clinton if she agrees to shut down

the Clinton Foundation and turn the money over to the US government.


Otherwise, she and her BJ can quietly go live in Paraquay with the Bushes.

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Re: oh this is funny

I suppose iowans are happy,  ken is selling fitler. farmer with their new 400k tractors chiseling away. while "other people" across the country have sent 26 billion tax dollars to pay farm subsidies to support the happy people


iowa no.2 in nation..................