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"2 gun ownership. Gun owners should be adults not children. Should be sane and not insane. Should be rational and not irrational. Gun owners should be liable to keep their fairarms secure and be responsible for any crimes commited withntheir firearms. Keep them secure. Don't loan them out and carry liability insurance on their firearms."


"3 Taxes are high enough but if we tax income we should tax all of it. Sans inheritance taxes the law should stipulate that the capital gains be paid up to date whenever an asset changes hands. There should be no variation between ordinary income and capital gains. TYhe land you bought for $3K and is worth $10K should have $7K of ordinary income and taxed accordingly."


Just a couple of thoughts on what you posted.

We allow kids to vote at 18, and they could elect the next leaders of the world, ones that could destroy the world or cause so much destruction in our society that we would never recover.  The vote is far more dangerous than any rifle, shotgun or pistol available to the general public.    

Would you have the same rules or laws apply to other tools?  Vehicles, saws, hammer, knives, computers?  Should you be liable for any damage done with your car if it's stolen?  Or should you be liable if you loan a saw to somebody and they cut off a finger?


Regarding taxes on what is called capital gains.  In 1964 you could buy a good farm for $500 an acre in our area.  A new Corvette cost $5000 (slightly less actually) so 10 acres bought a Corvette.  Or you could buy 10,000 candy bars for an acre.  Now let's jump to today,  Today a Corvette is around $80,000 and a candy bar is $1.  There are plenty of other things to prove the same point but today you can buy about the same things for 10 acres as you could in 1964 due to government inflation.  Only today we are taxed more.  That $7000 is no real gain because of inflation.  

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Re: okdon

Yeah right! Anything to argue against taxing high income folks. It ought to be enough that the inflation is postponed until you sell it. How about lowering the tax on earnings to reflect the inflation rate. Like the flat tax argue about how fair that would be but lets apply it to SS taxes. 12.5 % SS taxes on every dollar earned. Flat and fair. Your words not mine.

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Re: come to think of it we have

When i report a $100K adjusted gross income the IRS has never said to adjust that down for inflation because a $100 k will not buy as much as it used to.


I wonder why you think capital gains should be any different.

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Re: okdon

And pay out for benefits accordingly too???


Or do you just want the money to fund our bloated federal government

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Re: okdon

The more you pay in the more you get in benefits. Why isn't ALL income taxed for SS? Because the fat cats don't need it and the gop protects them with the vast majority of their income not taxed. Motto: poor people benefit from SS the most, so poor people should do the funding.