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one of my pet topics

And as far as the expected ad hominem attacks, I'm not jealous of my brothers who attended service academies- I think that containing the Soviets was good honest work.

But Our Military doesn't win wars any more, but just soaks up vast sums and provides some indirect and direct employment. It does provide patriotic entertainment at games and other events.

And the academies produce sizable numbers of corporatist swamp toadies like Pompeo and Esper.

Not "institutions" that are likely to be killable but we'd could do it better and cheaper with ROTC.


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Re: one of my pet topics

We've conferred near cultic status upon our soon to be extinct WWII generation.

Nationalists and Our Military vie to co-opt that legacy.

But they miss the larger point- it was a great citizen army, irreverent, and powered by a great deal of individual initiative.

The antithesis of our present forces.