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Re: oops. NPPC and AFBF go after Trump

Yeah and we should feel sorry for the Menendez brothers too they`re orphans, makes as much sense as wringing hands about revamping NAFTA losing US jobs.   Where the hell were all these basterds concern about American jobs the last 25 freaking years with factories leaving this country in droves???   It`s damned selfishness! "oooo I gets another nickel for my I gets another penny for my pigs, we gots to keep NAFTA" .   Just look at the trade deficits, look at the trade deficits that is the scoreboard regardless of how it`s spun.  


If there was one thing that I could agree with some Democrats on in the past was their protection of US workers and justified skepticism of these multilateral trade agreements.   But now magically the G.D. Democrats are all fricken Adam Smith free traitors....thank you Donald Trump.   Smiley Happy   I now strongly disagree with 100% of what Democrats want.