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Re: dont worry surebutt is yeller

all the way thru ---i hollow boo and he runs LOL

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Re: Did a google search

Did you not try to find it??  Here I'll save you the time.  So, YES, they have cut benefits to military folks!!

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Re: Did a google search

Well, shame on them!  If the bill was the same one that got 99-1 support, and was killed, shame, shame.

The article did not go into enough detail for me to read if something was changed since the first show of support.   If it was changed, or some amendment added to get the bill killed, shame on whoever did that.

I read articles about how money is being wasted for military spending, often for things that the military itself wasn't asking for, or even wanting, but some Congressman with a factory in their district that makes the unwanted doo-hikkey still slips in funding for it.   I'd be willing to bet, that there is enough money spent on things the military says they don't need, just to bring Fed money to the districts of those Congressmen who do that sort of thing, they could have funded the VA bill.

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Re: Did a google search

@hobbyfarm2145365 wrote:

Funding defunding what ever!!   Stop and think a little.  We have many vets coming from Nam into the system.  We have agreat amonut of of vets coimng from the bush/cheney wars and obama continuing ther bush/cheney wars.    Vets surviving b/c/o wars  would have died in Nam due to much poorer medical aid system of the time..   The systm is being over loaded by the current level funding and the tea party votes no across the board,   We don't increase spending for these vets but find ways to INCREASE support for our wealth govt farmers.    


I find it odd that these wonderful people "WE' sent to Wash can find some way to support  wealthy farmers with all kinds of guarantees to survuve, but to hell with vets we expected to serve and shutup go away  and make it your own.

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The Pentagon has previously come under fire for paying exorbitant prices for aviation biofuels.

Reuters reported in 2012 that the Air Force had purchased 11,000 of alcohol-based jet fuel for $59 per gallon from a Colorado-based biofuel company.

That company, Gevo Inc., was backed financially by high-dollar Democratic donor Vinod Khosla, who has invested in a number of companies that have received federal support from the Obama administration.

A week before that story broke, the Navy spent $26 per gallon to fuel its Great Green Fleet during the 2012 Rim of the Pacific exercise.



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Re: Did a google search

It was a far reach to to explain the under funding  for our vets but so be it. 



Your comment reminded me of D Cheney and Iraq war and Haliburton.