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ouch, to true

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BA Deere
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Re: ouch, to true

Dems don`t respect election results and "compromise" is ONLY for Republicans to do.  We they lose, the media says "the country wanted bipartisanship governing"  When Republicans lose, then the media says "elections have consequences, Republicans better strap on the knee pads!".

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Re: ouch, to true

Then you should not say “the people spoke” if you refer to trump being president!!
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Re: ouch, to true

Oh tell us wise one what needs to be said because we NOW have President Trump and Hillary LOST...and you can't believe it after 2 years,


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Re: ouch, to true

But because of Trump, Democrats have won back the House, restored the checks and balances, and whether you believe it or not, have saved America and democracy!!

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Re: ouch, to true

Hillary LOST.


Only the selection by the rigged process, according to your dear leader.


She won almost 3 million more votes than your dear leader, did you forget that?


BTW who wrote that cartoon?  Needs to go back to school to understand the correct word to use.