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outline for new Dan Brown novel

of course these things require the bones of historical fact and extant theology/mythology to build the story on.


Fall 1945 and Nazi sympathizer Bishop Alois Hudal, Director of the Collegio Teutonico in Vatican City, is frantically working the ratlines to aid Catholic war criminals to avoid capture. The smuggling routes run first through Madrid and later directly through Rome under the benign neglect of OSS Station Chief James Jesus Angleton.


Most are routed to friendly Catholic countries in South America, but a special secret project is undertaken. While the recent war was regrettably lost, a long range plan is formed. 5 chaplains from the Croatian Ustache* are secreted to safety in South Bend, Indiana. Once situated, they commence on an infernal plot to use a proprietary, buggery based MK UItra mind control project to prepare alter boys to become future US Supreme Court justices. This was later rebranded as The Federalist Society.


I'm working on Ch. 2. We need a hero and heroine. I'm thinking maybe a Mennonite Elder from Goshen?


*stormtroopers of the Croatian collaborationist government. Said to be so vicious that SS shunned them.

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Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

Can't really go with an Amishman from Shipshewanna because the transportation issues would slow the plot down.


He'll need a female cohort and future romantic interest.


I'm thinking maybe an escaped nun from an Irish Magdalene laundry.

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

First they'll need to recover a secret code hidden in a ball jar under Lou Holtz' front porch.

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

Swiss Guards attempt to take them out but they're pretty easy to spot in their uniforms.

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

Elmer and Fiona first feel romantic stirrings while hiding out in a sanctuary under a Planned Parenthood clinic in Gary.

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

ICE proves a much more formidable, and harder to spot, nemesis.


Elmer and Fiona barely escape capture by running through a fireworks outlet on the MI line and blowing it up behind them, (gotta blow something up for the screen version)

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

A bare step ahead of the ICE squads, they find refuge with illegal immigrant chicken sexers in a trailer park outside Orland.


Elmer and Fiona consumate their growing passion in a Volare on blocks out back.

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Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

Okay, I skipped right to the last reply.   But write a post and reply to yourself six times?  You might want to take a look, just sayin` here, it is a free country though, reply as many times as you want.

Re: outline for new Dan Brown novel

open source- you're free to contribute.

Time to make a dash to DC

to disrupt the Satanic Federalist Society before it succeeds in bringing the centuries' long Vatican dream of overthowing the Constitution and establishing a potemkin theocracy to fruition.


Car chase along the PA Turnpike, ICE helicopters in pursuit.