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payroll tax holiday?

does, at least have a pretty strong multiplier effect- near 2:1 by some estimates, vs. something close to 1:1 for high end and corporate tax cuts or additional defense spending.

I'm not aware that anything of this sort* has ever been attempted on a pro-cyclical basis. Barring a sharper global slowdown, I think it probably would keep the US economy above stall speed through the election.

Although with a pretty decent economy at present the Fox Poll shows Trump down (50-46)-(39-38) to any of the 4 top Dems. Elections are decided at the margin but I'm not certain how many people will be fooled. It would be about as naked and shameless a bribe as has ever been attempted.

And what about that voter who sits down at the kitchen table every week with Martha and balances the family budget?

*a feature, not a bug. The GOP would love that they could then, soon, finally get those darn underfunded entitlements cut. Funny thing is that the GOP thinks there still is a GOP, which there isn't. There's just the Trump Party and mega centers of influence that tolerate him because he keeps the peeps in tow while they get their agenda met. They do, I suppose, want those durn entitlements killed too.

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Re: payroll tax holiday?

BTW, as currently floated, it would be temporary- like the middle class tax cuts in the Dennison Oligarch Entrenchment Act- while cuts to estate tax and corporations are permanent.

I'd be foolish to overestimate the intelligence of the average US voter but think this might actually not get them to ignore the massive conspiracy by The Fed, economists and the lyin' MSM.