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Veteran Advisor

pence and the don

Waste beaucoup bucks with NFL game stunt. Fans have to undergo heavy security and taxpayers have to pay for the stupid stunt!! Neither of these two douchebags have even the morals and ethics of an alley cat!!
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Senior Contributor

Re: pence and the don

How did they ever let someone like you in the military?  Maybe it was the postal service that messed you up after the fact.

Senior Advisor

Re: pence and the don

You weren't concerned about the cost to tax payers when it comes to burning statues.

Senior Contributor

Re: pence and the don

A nakedly contrived political war started by Trump and directed against the NFL player's "Hate America First" campaign. It is hard to see how Trump loses this latest gambit. I'm guessing he and his administration are going to now ride this magic pony right up until the moment it dies. 


But who would have ever thought a few spoiled millionaire athletes would prove to be such useful stooges in the great game...that has nothing to do with football, of course?