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performance compared

You can certainly see why democrats wanted trump to take over their states. 

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Re: performance compared

No - we wanted Trump to do his (insert First Lady of Porn F word) job as far as Covid was concerned.  This pandemic was a national emergency, that needed the federal government's help in securing necessary PPE, and setting initial standards for all to follow.   Instead, he did the opposite, and showed Americans that they didn't need to wear masks or social distance.   That kinda stuff was for sissies.....

Republicans can't win an election, without lying.....


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have to hand it to you karen

You never let looking like an idiot slow you down.


But on Monday, Cuomo took to an unlikely venue -- The Howard Stern Show -- to offer genuine praise for the president's response to the coronavirus in his home state.

"He has delivered for New York. He has," Cuomo said of Trump, in response to a question from Stern about whether the president has really done anything of consequence to help.