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plastic in the oceans

"This is probably one of the main reasons why many in the west remain skeptical about the true motives of the environmentalist movement."

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Re: plastic in the oceans

STRAWMAN!  Smiley Very Happy   a lot of plastic straws.    Yup, crickets from the Left.  But I`ll decipher their silence.  The Left believes that those hardup countries should get a pass on pollution and the US and Europe should carry them on OUR shoulders to help them economically catch up...and drag us down in the process.    Of course they can`t say that out loud that I guarantee you will be made into a meme  Smiley Happy

I guess I don`t understand Liberals being willing dupes living in Edina, going waterskiing at the cabin on Lake Mille Lacs all summer and cruises all winter, new Lexus in the garage.   Why give that up???   I mean if they are guilty they`ve been too big of winners in life`s lottery, send me some of that excess cash, my email is good    Smiley Happy

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Re: plastic in the oceans

If you watch these climate rallies they all have one thing in common. There are always these big signs that read end capitalism. The climate isn't the goal. The goal is ending capitalism. The climate is just the strawman they burn to keep the cult enthused. What they are doing to the student sending them to protest is nothing short of child abuse.