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1)After failing on the other three options the senate passes "skinny repeal" 51-50 with Pence breaking the tie. The bill then goes to reconciliation, where it languishes for months and then quietly dies.


2) Trump holds a victory kegger in the rose garden and with his job done McConnell adjourns the Senate.


3) Trump sends Mooch over to the DOJ to serve Sessions* with his pre-signed resignation letter and it is announced that he has resigned.


4) Trump makes a recess appointment for of Rudy Giuliani as AG, thus avoiding confirmation hearings and vote.


5) Giuliani fires Mueller and dismantles his team.


6) The nation is shocked and the 538 composite presidential approval rating plummets from 38.4% to 38.3%.


7) You tell me.


*slight twist will be how much stink Sessions raises- if he really hollers I'll amend the poll prediction to 38.1%

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possible #8

shifting to the more speculative, the FBI serves a warrant on Hillary Clinton and she's perp walked in cuffs in front of hundreds of cameras. Charge is, I don't know, you tell me, doesn't matter. Pres. approval rating surges to 38.5%