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political spouses

I'd commented about Ted Cruz getting is health insurance through his wife's employment at Goldman Sachs. She's listed as being in charge of "investments in the southwest.' That amused me greatly when I recalled that in Michael Lewis' first book- Liar's Poker- he descibes various slang used within Solomon Brothers. One of those terms was 'equities in Dallas" which was shorthand for Siberia, the least important job in the comapny and somewhere you got sent if you were totally insignificant. I'd guess that is the case with Ms. Cruz but her husband is a Senator which is worth paying a lot more than what her husband makes.


Vastly worse is House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers who is married to an uber lobbyist for the hoeland security contracting industry and her recent firm obtained a $10 Billion contract from DHS. That only confirms my worst fears- that as much as anything the Bill of Rights was repealed so that there would be a huge new pot of money for people to skim off of and live the life. Trite as they are, terms like Orwellian and The Banality of Evil come to mind.


Maybe it is a bit different in the modern age with professioanl couples etc yada but I'll submt that there is no individual who is so invaluable that they can't be asked to not be married to someone with a conflict of interest in their employment. But I think that is mostly up to the voters unless (as in Rogers' case) it is glaring. For instance, I don't think you can disqualify someone from serving in Congress or on the Ag Committee becasue their spouse is a farmer.


In the pointless pointing you will bring up Daeschle (who got his), maybe Pelosi. Whatever, I agree in principle. But as I said, Ted ain't that imprtant and neither is Nancy.


Not new, either. LBJ's family went broke growing cotton. His wealth primarily came from some radio and TV licenses that he obtained in his wife's name and CBS gave a very valuable affiliation to their Austin TV station even though they had to work really hard around their internal rules regarding protecting existing nearby affiliates. I'm sure they felt it was worth it.