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Senior Advisor

principles for an economic response

1) no bailouts of industries- sorry agriculture, you already got yours.

2) direct payments to individuals as opposed to a payroll tax holiday

3) something on the order of the proposed payroll tax holiday would cost double what the maximum annual economic stimulus was under Obama- when unemployment was 9% and the Dow hit 8K. Diaper Don already got his fiscal stimulus in good times- no reason to wreck ourselves for his re-election.

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Re: principles for an economic response

“There is a plan to have a plan.”

A few rather specific ones are being proposed by members of Congress.

I suppose some impaired  woman will come on FOX and tell us that it’s not proper that they publicize them until the WH does their’s.

Senior Advisor

Re: principles for an economic response

And of course on the economic side it is mostly about the stock market.

Which was wildly overvalued owing to various stunts. It is just now getting close to what might have been a fair value representing the OK economic reality that existed before the CV.

Barring a titanic effort it will probably do what markets do- eventually overreact in the opposite direction.

BTW, I've given due blame to Greenspan and WJC for pioneering the phenomenon whereby runaway asset bubbles underpin a POTUS' popularity.

It isn't a healthy thing.