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probably just me

but various things- the video of trainloads of armor moving east, the cancellation of the Trump Parade among them- make me nervous.


And while I may lack imagination, not that the military will be used to rub out liberals, as Millie suggested.


Hope there's not a war in the offing.

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I take no pleasure

in observing this but will be accused of otherwise.


The Trump Surge in AFG is turning out to be a flop, similarly to the George W. Who? and Kenyan Barry Surges.


I guess at least this time you could say that our troops and civilians barely venture out of the compounds so there's a low body county. Mostly just "advising" Afghan troops, droning, blowing up heroin labs and the like.


I haven't a clue what to do.



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Re: probably just me

5 yrs ago there was trains of FEMA equipment and talk and videos of "FEMA camps" it so far turned out to be nothing, of course we had an election since then.  But now you get a taste of how "we" felt.

Re: I take no pleasure

Low count of American bodies, that is.


You gotta give those Pashtun Talibaners some credit- I'm sure we've tried to buy them off with pallet loads of US C-Notes like we did with the Sunni Awakening during the Iraqi Surge.


Those bastards just like to fight.

Re: probably just me

Yeah, sure, Jade Helm.


TX Walmarts.

90 days out

and all the graveyard whistling aside, Republicans are becoming resigned to losing the House but are still confident of holding the Senate, and I'm sure that every effort will be made to ensure that.


But that leaves us in an interesting position- the Likud government of Israel has a huge investment in our government generally and the Kushners specifically and the optimum point for making use of that may be reaching a sell-by date.


And the administration might be anxious to turn the tide with some good 'ol patriotic Desert Storm style TV War.


That would require some form of incident. Given that The Deep State is now split into two factions, doing anything domestically would be too risky and it would require complete operational compartmentalization with all the functions performed by people entirely outside of our systems.


Presumably the intent would be to run Iran out of Syria and totally degrade their entire capacity to wage war for a long time. Might take out Qatar too, to keep the Saudis happy.


If that happens to come to pass, the folks who get to be the extras in the show have my thoughts and prayers.