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protests you didn't hear about

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: protests you didn't hear about

the left in America has an agenda that feeds off of creating racial strife to help win close elections (think Barry Soetoro and Eric Holder, two men of color with absolutely no background of enslaved American ancestors really identify with American ghettos and those with several generations of welfare disincentives as a way of life? Eric, son of professional immigrants from Barbados ( if my memory serves me right) and Barry, son of a communist Kenyon activist muslim???)


Without this constructed strife and the support of the fruitloops that would never personally do a godammmed thing to help anyone ( do I need to name the ones that post here, or can you just name them for yourselves?), the left would not have managed to take America to a place most of the people really would not want to go if they thought about it rationally.


This is why you don't hear about excess police force and brutallity unless it fits the agenda. Waco....didn't really fit, except for being a warning salvo of what big govt can do....the isolated northern european getting story....but take a Michael Brown, a Trayvon Martin, and Good Lord, don't let a tragedy to to waste. Its all about the innocent colored kid in the world of republican racists. Its always about the children....I learned that from a shrewd political commentator years ago.