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purposely confusing messages

The Democrats/communists/leftist keep talking about how many are going to lose health care if Obamacare is left to it's designed death.

The truth is quite a bit different.  Millions now have insurance that's worthless because the deductible is so high and their cost has soared. 

The confusion arises from the concept that the Democrats/communists/leftist have been successful in foisting on the public that insurance is health care.  It isn't.  It's insurance and it's government mandated and it like most things the government runs is a bureaucratic mess.  85 year old men don't need pregnancy insurance nor do 50 year old women need prostate exams, yet the ACA says they have to carry that level of insurance.

Just as our electric grid is a mess, our bridges are unsafe, our post office loses money each year, we haven't been able to destroy any rag tag army since WWII, our cars are burden with so much safety&"clean air" equipment that they are rapidly replacing homes as our highest investment, and while our toilets need 2 flushes and we need to spend twice as much time in the shower to get clean now the government decided to ruin a health system that was in reality the envy of the world.  Note that all those socialist countries with their great health systems had people coming to America for care and also note we haven't seen a plethora of new treatments and drugs coming out of those socialist countries.

Bottom line, where are all the deaths that resulted prior to Obamacare?  If they had existed rather than a lot of rhetoric about insurance we'd have been treated to pictures of coffins and gravestones of deceased people who were denied care.

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Re: purposely confusing messages

You have to realize that deaths do not really matter to the democrats.   Those folks just keep voting for them anyways.   Smiley Wink

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Re: purposely confusing messages

McCain care is working exactly as designed. Nothing but a vessel to get to single payer. Then we can all get the Charlie Gard treatment.

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Confused lot

Just as the bunch cannot understand the difference between "voters" and "Taxpayers", they fail, in general, to comprehend that "health insurance" and "health coverage" are two entirely different concepts.

bruce MN

Re: Confused lot

Explain that to the rest of us ignoramouses hear again if you would.


You've broached that here before, and it's always entertaining.

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Re: Confused lot

Health insurance is a multi billion dollar industry that soaks up health care dollars but provides zero care.