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put me in charge no.2

of gov housing --the gov waste billions keeping up what welfare whores and their pasture bred criminals tear up so to save billions all housing projects wil be treated the same as military barracks --the residenstswill be responsibe for cleaning the places ---and if they tear them up there will be severe punishment

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Re: put me in charge no.2

I gotta give you credit, you know where you stand.

Myself, if I were in charge of the world, I'd make a 1 inch bearing, a one inch bearing.  It would either be pillow-block, or flat race style, greasable or non-greasable.  If you had a bearing with a 5/8 inch center hole, the bearing outer race would all be the same.  Every planter opener in existance would use the same bearing.  Failure to comply would result in punishment of personally delivering the proper bearing to the farmer stuck with the equipment having the non-standard bearing.  Delivery would be in an early 70s 3/4 ton pickup, with the camper special spring kit, with black seats, and no air conditioning.