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For those of you who go all squishy at the mere mention of his name, an interesting viewpoint.

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Re: putin

Note:  The video on the collapse of the S. Union at the end of the article is most informative.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor


Russia as a vassal state of China? Foreign debt problems? Stagnant economy?


Are you two for real on this?


The good book has a verse about getting the log out of one's own eye before trying to get the spec out of someone's elses eye.


Don't they sell coffee in the stores you guys frequent? Better go find some and drink it , or at least smell it.


Putin is not the hero of anyone here, but his one redeeming grace is that he is pro-Russia. Having an American president that is pro-America is what most of us yearn for.

Re: putin

I think Russia will take eastern Ukraine, there will be reaction, sanctions and such, but given time things will go back to normal, about like south Ossetia.

Re: ??????????

Shoot. Wish I'd have consulted with you first as who wouldn't gain from taking your learned view over that on a hack neophyte like Evans-Pritchard. Did you even read it? If you did what are your specific contentions with what is said? Can't have enough countering experts to source when investigating an important topic.