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question about patriots

Having first experienced, here, the reaction to the Fort Stewart murder/treason plot as one of general approval on the part of several posters then in quick succession personally hearing a number of rants from individuals that ranged from hinting at the urgent need for extreme action to flat out calls for revolution.


Anyway, here is what I'm pondering. Humans rarely just spontaneously create ideas and in the case of the people I'm referring to they have never created an original idea in their lives.


They are responding to the buzz from  others, dog whistles generated in order to create some sort of response and in general various forms of propaganda and feedback loops off of it.


The question is, is the extra step to crazy just an unintended consequence of the handlers' actions or is there more to it?  

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Re: question about patriots

OK Nox first of all you are speaking from prejudice and being provocative.  Yes there is a lot of hot air coming from barstool revolutionaries and makebelieve heroes, I do not believe there has ever been a day that hot air has not been blowing. 


  The Fort Steward boys seem very amateurish, think they have watched to much TV and in light of all events of late which I believe are mainly false flag operations, for instance, explain how the "shoe bomber" made it on that aircraft without a passport, I think they are patsies


  I think the 'revolution' is right in front of our eyes and it is not intended to over throw the empire.  Why were so many eye witness' interviewed on 9-11 like firemen, police and others inside and around the twin towers so certain they heard series of explosions, flashes etc. inside.  Look at what has come from it, over throw of the Constitution, so-called Home Land security.


  Crazy?  Armed rebellion is crazy at this time, but revolution is certainly in order, Ron Paul wrote a book about it The Revolution: A Manifesto.  It was on the best seller list for weeks, yet it doesn't seem very many people read it(maybe the Empire was buying them up Smiley Wink, and from the discussions there last week few can conceive of the progress RP's forces have made. 


  The revolutionaries are internationalists and wrote their manifestos, PNAC and Securing the Realm and have control of the most powerful military on the planet and our government.   The Fort Steward boys are just something to scare the sheeple, wait and see what come from it.


Re: question about patriots

"Humans rarely just spontaneously create ideas and in the case of the people I'm referring to they have never created an original idea in their lives."



I know that you meant that to refer to posters here, but think about how that applies to the vast majority of terror plots in this country.   The empire is the one pushing the ideas. 

Re: question about patriots

Wouldn't necessarily rule that out.


Pretty clear we're all being played but it isn't 100% clear by whom or to what end.


At best one can endeavor to not be manipulated into being a part of a mob that is incited to heinous purposes.


Re: question about patriots

You may have left out the predictable, if not obligatory "So, you see what happens?"Coming from some one of those who just happened to be close by.