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so if you're sitting on unsold/hedged corn in the bin- perhaps only half voluntarily reported to USDA- and cash prices hit in the $4's in July, are you going to sell it or just wait and pile new crop on top?

I actually don't claim to understand, at all, what's been going on here. There is a confluence of so many unusual factors. I'm just skeptical of those who think they do.

There will very likely be a crop scare- or more- later in the season. But as the question always is when we get most of the crop planted in May and there is no immediate threat on the horizon (takes a big one in May, early June) when, and from where?

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Re: question

GOTTA LET IT RIDE - GIddy up kramer | Meme Generator

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Re: question

Just do it the old fashion way. Wait until it hits bottom. There will be plenty of opportunity to sell then.