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Senior Contributor

Re: quick poll

@WCMO wrote:

"Calling" for it -- no, free speech.  Actually taking actions, treason.

I thought about this for a while, wcpo, and you might well be right.  Deserves a response none the less.

Is it protected speech if say, one stands at a podium in front of a crowd and says "this newly elected president is a bad bad person.  Yet, constitutional methods will not remove him.  He must be removed by other means."  Or perhaps "both the newly inagurated president and vice president must be simultaniously removed and a new election held."

Not sure if that is free speech or incitement to commit crimes.

But even if it is free speech, I think I'm justified in considering that person a traitor to their fellow countrymen.

Senior Advisor

Re: quick poll

In Trump's case they took actions.