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BA Deere
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"Dad, can you teach me to shoot?"

My little girl asked me, i`ve tried to shield her from the bad news of the world but in this day of mobile devices and friends talking this Paris situation has really gotten her worried about her safety when she is alone. 


I think after the Paris shooting and the way ISIS can change tactics, even those of us in rural communities should just be aware.  Our rural small towns with only a small police force could get easily caught off guard and bad things could happen at a sporting event. 


My little girl has never fired a gun and I was hoping that it would remain that way, but if she is interested in protecting herself in this day and age, that is a good thing.  I believe I will start her out with a 10/22 Ruger to learn the danger involved, then move up to a .410 shotgun (which would be the best defense weapon for a small girl home alone) .  Then now, handguns scare me...I`m thinking of starting her out with a .22 single action (cowboy) revolver and if she shows she`s good with that she can move up to dad`s Glock, probably when she`s 18.

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Red Steele
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Re: "Dad, can you teach me to shoot?"

I had a ruger 10/22 but traded it in at Cabellas for a Golden boy lever action. I now only have guns where you have to do something each time, rather than squeeze a trigger and have them automatically fire and fire.


THe ruger jammed and then fired on trying to get it working a fragment nearly got my eye. Never want to see one of them again.


If it gets so deep that my lever actions and bolt actions won't keep my safe, I am not going to make it anyway.


BUt you are right...even our girls should know how to operate handguns, just like in Israel. TImes are changing and there are more evil doers being created every minute.

Re: "Dad, can you teach me to shoot?"

Haqve you ever seen how mad a 'tween girl gets when you won't take her to the mall?

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Re: "Dad, can you teach me to shoot?"

I thought all you wannebe Ramboes weaned your youngins on guns??  Whatcha skeered of??  Don't you want you kid to be able to protect herself from the brown hoardes?? Shame on you!