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Re: wasting your ammo

Clinton remains the more likely nominee but should Sanders happen to snag it I think you guys are going to be deeply disappointed by your fellow citizens.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: wasting your ammo

by the time that Trump and his advisors got through vetting

Bernie's proposals, and showing the $$$ they would take, and

who they would have to come from.....not one of you clowns here

would even support him.


Once you realized that its YOUR ox getting gored, you would all

all hate him. If he is taking money from a successful guy that you

despise, yeah, you clowns are all in...when you realize...hey, there

goes my CSP Check, my SS Check, my $117 per month medicare

cause I own 400 acres of family ground.....%^&*## that clown...I 

know how you fruitcakes roll.


I stand by my statement....Bernie Sanders would be lucky to win 

Vermont in the general election.....people in America just are not

going to vote for him in mass. 

Honored Advisor

Re: wasting your ammo

Winning this election will be accomplished if we see large basic changes in the way both parties function in the future.

It is the only conclusion I can draw from the support that Trump has had against republicans.

If that support swells in the general election when the dems are allowed to vote for an alternative, maybe we will see the power of corrupt political organizations diminish..

bruce MN

Re: wasting your ammo

You may be a little cracked on the demographics.