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"Is the Pope Catholic?"

Notice how even the doofuses don't deny that vote stealing goes on....they are trying to downplay the magnitude of it, and say that both sides do it.

For Republicans, it is like bowling in a league, if I understand how that scoring works with handicaps. Democrats are supposed to be able to handicap an election by getting their 30 percent "captured" votes by decree...hence the statements we heard by jobiden when he was being subjected to actual critical examination of whether or not he was good for Black Americans, long part of what the Democrats consider to be part of their "handicap".

So here we had another national election, but one with pretty huge consequences, and a big segment of the population, led by POTUS Trump is saying " bull-craploa" to this procedure, even if it does have long precedent.

And the media comes back with faux outrage, along with the Rino's.

Grab the beverages, pass the popcorn.....let's watch the show and hope the good guys win victorious. If nothing else, the outrage is going to stay around a long, long time and keep jobiden as a lame duck. Which he is.

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Re: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Its a chicken-egg thing.

Are they corrupt because democrats control them or were democrats drawn to the corruption?   I'm guessing the former, a pig makes the stye.

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Re: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Just be honest and repeal the 14th Amendment, Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

Federalist judges have already neutered the latter.

Q Klucks Klan.

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Re: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

I think the Democrat corruption will be "tolerable" to the masses, so long as the trains run on time ie; free stuff.  Tolerable has of course morphed into "acceptance" in the social justice wars that we lost, right?  

Demographically we lost, in a nutshell old people tend to be wiser and conservative, they`ve survived the job losses, they have scars & callouses from working hard and making mistakes.  But as you get to the age of 3 score & ten you die and outside of Chicago are no longer on the ballot registry  🙂 

Younger people "know everything" they might be smart in making the VCR stop blinking "12:00 am" but lack wisdom & callouses 🙂  and tend to vote for the Candyman. 

There are many smart and wise young people, but they are in the minority.  Black history studies have taken the place of balancing a checkbook.  Preparing a meal at home and Algebraic Logic have taken a backseat.  School boards and common core education have failed at least two generations and cheat or not Jobiden as president is the result and young AOC is in chute #2.

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Re: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Bottom line- one shred of evidence, please?

Otherwise you're just a bunch of butt hurt white trash making #### up because you can.

Actually don't have to make XXXX up, there are people who do that for you. You just spread it.

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Re: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Off topic:

There was once a time when the retort “Is the Pope Catholic” was used in response to someone who had made an obvious or self-evidently true statement.

These days, however, with our current neo-Marxist, Latin-American Pope Francis, many of us Catholics are no longer quite sure of the answer to the original question. And let’s not even begin talking about bears and their personal habits in any woods either.