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Senior Contributor

"New" Country Music Is Awful

I've been a Country Music fan all my life.  Carter Family, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, Ray Price, George Jones, Merle Haggard and many more.  It's sad to hear singers with burned out voices such as Jeanie Seely try to croak out a song from vocal chords that deserve to be retired many years ago.  The Grand Ole Opry is running out of good talent.

But the new country songs are simply unlistenable.  The melody is terrible.  The words are stupid.  It's bad rock and roll with boots and a hat.  

Sorry, I'm going to listen to the old stuff till I die and the new stuff can whither on the vine for all I care.

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Senior Advisor

Re: "New" Country Music Is Awful

Been hearing this one a lot in the combine.

bruce MN

Re: "New" Country Music Is Awful

There's good country music out there. Just not going to hear it those canned programmed Clear Channel stations.