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"Uncle Joe" not likely to win the nomination

the "flash mob" of far left primary voters are going to go with someone that will galvanize resistance to the progressive agenda, and ensure a Trump 2020 nomination.

Here is a quote from Pat Buchanan:

"Are Americans looking for an alternative to Trump who will abolish private health insurance, embrace open borders and reparations for slavery, extend the ballot to felons in prison, add half a dozen justices to the Supreme Court and vote for free college tuition and forgiveness of student loans?
Where is the evidence of that?"

What the primary voters want, and what America in general wants, are not on the same page. "Slow Joe" probably understands that, but unless the DNC pulls another fraudulent primary, like the one that gave them Mrs. Clinton as a nominee, it is not likely that Joe will get a chance in November of 2020 to win the white house. And if he somehow does get on the ticket as the standard bearer, I look for POTUS Trump to dismantle him in the debates. Trump might not be at his prime anymore, but next to Biden he is going to look pretty awesome. Biden looks like he is ready for the nursing home soon, and just think where he will be in five years. Does anyone want Slow Joe negotiating treaties or formulating policies when he doesn't even understand that the two term limitation of the POTUS office?

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BA Deere
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Re: "Uncle Joe" not likely to win the nomination

I`ve only caught highlights of debates, it seems to me that some "centrist" Democrats (whatever that means) are hanging in in hopes that the bug-eyed loudmouths (Booker & Harris) impale each other simultaneously and the Bullocks & Delanys will get their chance.   I notice how some are saying "oh I don`t want open borders, we have to enforce immigration laws" Joe Wilson would say "You Lie!" .  But some candidates` internal polling shows open borders is a loser.  However once in power a Dem POTUS will do whatever they can to further globalism.

I think to throw red meat to their nutty base, Dems will have to put a bug-eyed, louthmouth with a va-jay jay on the ticket unless Booker has a secret he`d like to share with us, he`s only got the loudmouth and bug-eyed part down, 2 outta 3 ain`t enough   Smiley Happy

IMO a little less cocky Joe Biden and maybe a measured Tulsi Gabbard could convince enough voters that they are "Republican-lite".   But I`m afraid the Dems will go for louthmouth and bug-eyed in hopes that Trump hatred and 101% voter turn out in places like North Minneapolis will carry the day....and it might.