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"can't get any worse"

so do something.


Trump support is really more about the anxiety of middle class white people than all those deplorables.


If you try to talk to people you'll find that they are working very hard not to think, some sort of emotion is driving them.


But if you think about it, in the neoliberal world, government has to deliver rising asset values in order for middle class people to trive, or even delude themselves into thinking they're doing OK.


Clinton survived because of the dot-com bubble, Bush avoided the pitchfork because houses were going to make everybody rich.


Then, all that could be done was a tepid re-inflation or both.


No bubbles left to inflate.


Must be somebody's fault. Although not "mine", or the paradigm that my tribe embraces.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: "can't get any worse"

Oh it can and will get worse regardless who`s the "winner" of the election.  Actually it may get worse quicker if Trump "wins" because the "backstage magician`s assistants" will be reluctant to keep the facade up.   Trump is a real hail Mary pass, if Trump is "allowed" to do what he says, that will fix the country, however "allowed to" are some really important words.


It probably doesn`t matter who wins, will the axman come on a Tuesday or a Thursday?   I guess a Trump vote is akin to someone in a movie being tied up and tortured and at a point all they can do is to spit their blood on the bad Trump vote is a act of spitting on the bad guys, then on Tuesday the axman comes.

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Re: "can't get any worse"

It's about middle class people regardless of race.