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We have a POTUS who goes looking for "norms" to break with little purpose other than to remind the substantial number of @ holes in his base that he's the King of the @ holes.

Then the Dems purportedly break "norms" for beginning the impeachment process in a manner and over a matter that is said to be to be outside of "norms" resulting in an outright stonewall of witnesses and documents considerably beyond the "norms", insofar as there is a lot of precedent on either of those matters and a bit of parlor game necromancing with "founders," I guess.

 And the chattering classes clutch their pearls.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: "norms"

Santorum says, "even if he did it, you don't impeach a President of the United States for this."

Oh those norms. Bring a couch, I may faint.