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Veteran Advisor

""its nothing""

This latest turn of events causes

Many questions.

First...does trump really have 

COVID19...or is this some sort

Of political move ?

If he indeed does have it...what

Treatment is he getting ?  Is

he getting ""the cure"" he has

Been pushing everyone else 

to take ?  Will he tell the truth

what he is taking.

How will he be impacted...what

other conditions does he have

that could be neg impacted ?

Does this now require he turn

The leadership over to the VP ?

If things get worse, or his health

Is neg we have

The debates...could the party

Pull him as canidate ?   How

Would all the mail in votes

Be handled...they voted for

Someone perhaps no longer

In the race.


And...what impact will this have

On trump....maybe he will realize

How serious this is ??

Will he change how he handles

The situation ?


Lights will be on 24 hrs/day at

White house now....and EVERYONE

will be wearing a mask.


And will this impact

all his fallowers...that have been

laughing...saying covid19 is a

hoax...refuse to wear a mask

because their leader says they

dont work.....

Nope....might be a bunch of sober

People around the country this




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Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

I noticed everything in your rant except prayers.

Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

I pray regularly for our country.

I don’t waste them on a man who as distant from God as you can get.

The closest he’s ever been was when Cohen fixed Falwell’s pool boy problem.

Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

That is exactly who Jesus said he came here to save.

Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

As I recently mused, I doubt Jesus spent a lot of time praying for Herod.

Funny bit of ruralism is that people who are judgmental as hell can pivot on a dime and say “who am I to judge?” when it suits their purposes.

Veteran Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

I cited some of the same concerns earlier this morning Cheapo.  

With the lies coming from this administration, it’s hard to decipher what is really the truth sometimes.

Its like when Millie said that he had had CV19.  I really don’t that he had - he never came back and said whether he had gotten the antibody test.  So I suspect he didn’t. 

Am I sorry the Trump and his Tramp have Covid?  Not in the least.  It’s like BA’s daughter going out, and then contracting it.  “Oh, she was just young and stupid” BA said.

Trump gets what he deserves.  Hopefully, he ends up on a ventilator.   Maybe, then he will believe that CV19 is real, that real people other than the down trodden get it, and that him doing his rallies and putting down his experts on dealing with CV19, has put many millions more of Americans at risk.  

But, he’ll probably be fine in a few days, and be able to say, “See - I was right - CV19 is nothing to worry about.   Open it all up - NOW!!!”

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.....


Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

His political calculations have killed at least 100k Americans.

Just as they have us at one anothers’ throats.

Andrew Johnson rests easy as someone has finally come along to bump him off the bottom of the presidents list.

Senior Contributor

Re: ""its nothing""

3020 I hope you understand that prayers only help the person DOING the praying and do nothing for the person that is sick.

Studies have shown this to be true and if you live in reality you would understand that fact.

So anyone praying is really only helping themselves, no one else.  I guess you could say praying is actually a selfish act.

Veteran Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

@r3020 wrote:

That is exactly who Jesus said he came here to save.

You want me to pray for Trump - a man that has openly said he has NEVER had ANYTHING to ask forgiveness for.

My prayer, is for Biden, and those that shared the debate room with him, as he was spewing out his angry interruptions. 

If there is another debate, I think it needs to be where the candidates are in their sound proof boxes, or each candidate in their own room with video, and the ability to mute the participants.   It’s what must be done to keep Biden safe.   Trump, if he actually has Covid, will have his own immunity for a bit.  

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.......


Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

More proof of somber Nancy Pelosi's selfishness.