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Senior Advisor

Re: ""its nothing""

Is that from the same study that shows you Bruce Jenner is a girl?

Senior Contributor

Re: ""its nothing""

@gh2002gh wrote:

Yeah Karen, I'm as much of a troll as a former Chief Scientific Adviser at Pfizer...😉

It pretty interesting that we're seeing serious spikes in cases around the world (with mask mandates in place) but not seeing accompanying ramps in deaths.  Virus mutated into something easier to spread but less deadly, or those particularly susceptible already dead, more testing or flawed testing.  Possibly all the above.   I'd agree with your article though,  if you can even call this a pandemic, it's in the late stages.

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Re: ""its nothing""

will say a "devotion" Smiley Wink for you. 

Meditation for you would be the proper description.

Hope you feel better now