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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

"scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

Are average voters paying attention that Mary Trump book, loser & suckergate, downplaygate...tomorrow whoknowswhatgate, all the while Biden is skating like Sonja Henie?   I think this pile on is going to boomerang on them big time. 

Mail in voting.  i hear Al Franken`s crooked lawyers are warming up to force improper ballots that were thrown out be counted....until Biden "wins".  

Cuomo Prime Time
Will the Woodward reporting hurt Trump? Pres. "Trump has teflon," say Tom Friedman. "He has the teflon of these people... who aren't looking at him, they're actually looking through him and seeing him as a club, a stick they poke in the eye of the people they don't like."
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Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

Not a Freidman fan but his most recent column on that is quite good. 

Easy to find. 

I’ve been having distanced (as far apart as a group of70 plus guys can be and still hear each other) coffee once a week with some old basicly Democrats who view themselves as progressive/liberal/woke etc. 

Gets testy at times. Been meeting for a while (inside, around a table pre-Covid) and they were extremely confounded by the Dennison win in ‘16 and lived in bubbles that kept out “deplorables” and blue collar folks. Some read Wendell Berry and (the old version of) Jim Kinstler so thought they knew about regular and rural folk. I’d listen for a while and then try to tell them “You don’t know any of these people!!!!” and have no frame of reference for what their concerns and complaints are. 

Got smirks and the expected “there can’t be that many of them” quips. yesterday, a couple of them brought up the Freidman article and commented that he may be on to something. 

All I could do to keep from exploding. 

I’m a bit of a pariah in the group as an ardent Clinton/neoliberal hater. As hard as they were trying to square this all up it wouldn’t register with them that the DLC era was when the D Party had sold the farm 

401 K’s, employer pensions, life insurance receipts etc. amassed through the last 3rd of their employment probably contributed to that. No reason for them to understand how that was a short one time open window they stepped through and how it having been there absolutely assures that it isn’t going to be there for the next generations. What they benifitef from and had enabled Allows the 1% to run off with the bank. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

Hey Bruce, Friedman gets us (Trump supporters) , something many in the daily coffee group on here don`t understand...or maybe refuse to admit.   Us Mike Rowe people have been taken advantage of for far too long, our jobs went overseas, foreigners brought in to do our jobs that remain at half a living wage.  The Democrat answer is "vote for us and we`ll rob the rich people and make you whole, but you gotta give us your weapons and trust us" Smiley Very Happy   Yeah right!  F--- them!  We`re votin` for Trump!

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

Well, don`t be too hard on Bill Clinton, he was a bridge back for the "Reagan Democrats" there were even Republicans that were "Friends of Bill", he was a catalyst to get you guys what you wanted.  On guns the "assault" rifle ban with the 10 year sunset and DADT for the military was a wink & nudge that Al Gore would be president in the 2000s and the "assault" rifle ban wouldn`t be voted down, but rather expanded on.  DADT actually was the yeoman`s work done to trail blaze the "progress" that Obama made for "gay rights".  

Clinton on welfare reform, NAFTA, tax cuts and other (small r) republican bones and some of it was pure CYA because of his Lewinsky.  

In this day & age the Clintons are seen as Rightwingers in AOC`s Democrat party....what have ya done fer us lately?  Everybody knows the Clintons always have been *****, some of you don`t care because of the "D" after their name.  Some of you feel they`ve outlived their usefulness in Bernie Sander`s world.  But the "good things" you guys feel Obama achieved wouldn`t have happened without the Clintons blacktopping the roads and greasing the wheels.

Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

It could all turn around. Maybe somebody will write a column “The GOP Might Have Been Better Off if David Dennison Had Never Been Elected”’in a couple of years. 

After the filibuster is gone, the SCOTUS up to 11 or 13.  You’ll still have your guns and your fellow “conservatives”’still allowed to say or write anything they please, attend and contribute to the church they want to. But some little things will eat on you.  But stuff  that could possibly reorganize a political movement around  

Maybe the COVID will even be under control or at least manageable by then.


BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

If "Dennison" doesn`t win the the GOP will go the way of General Lee monuments.  Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Ben Sasse, Susan Murkowsky and others that "have the guts to stand up to Trump" will be forced to convert to socialism, much like the Spanish Inquisition. 

We are living in times where the radical Left figured out how rioting, intimidation and violence gets them what they want without personal think that they will magically become pacifists with Joe Biden in the White House? 

"Dennison" bought the real GOP some time, if John Kasich was the face of the GOP, it would be a literally 2% party, Democrats 51% and 47% of us hiding our guns and storing food.

Veteran Advisor

Re: "scandal of the day", vote by mail, Backfire?

Scared that Trump is going to lose, aren’t ya BA?   Pulling out all the stops - there is panic in what you are writing.  Many of your posts, like those dealing with Covid, are outright lies. 

Bruce spoke the truth - and you simply cannot handle it.   Covid spoiled, what might have been a victory for Trump.

God certainly works in mysterious ways, don’t she?

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying......