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"take out the anti-government message"

Is the advice given to the Republican party, given the new demographics.  You know how we`ve all heard "I`m here from the government and here to help you" and we all laugh about that? well the new demographics of voters actually do believe that "the government solves problems"...I don`t think some of you in the back heard me or are too tired from lunch so I`ll repeat THEY THINK THAT GOVERNMENT SOLVES PROBLEMS!


The new crop of voters believe that immigration, the diversity is good for the country and not a burden, as older voters tend to believe. 


Here`s is the speech given by a representative from the Pew Institute 


it`s about a half hour, but to understand what is happening politically in this country, I believe that it`s essential to watch.  You Democrats can feel smug, there`s alot of good news.  To the Republicans, I don`t see how another GOP president will ever get elected in this country again, we will perhaps hold the congress and maybe win majority in the senate, but to win the whitehouse in `16 is near impossible.


Those that are not politically motivated, here is something to consider if in the future we are ruled by those that believe that "government solves problems" do you really want to "buy that extra farm"?   What I mean is wealth redistribution is only right around the next corner when you have a ruling class that wants to solve problems with other people`s money.


I continue to be optimistic about the younger generation coming up....but I am observing them sitting here in lily-white rural Iowa, those under 18 are half in number as the current selfish millenial generation, that and the country is continuing to get more and more urban, the successes of rural youth is not indicative of the rest of the country.

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Re: "take out the anti-government message"

There really is only one objective for government and that is to improve the life of its residents. I know, I know that youthink that capitalism is the utmost religion and it is governments job to allow corporatism to rule america. After all those that have no job or chance of getting one shouldn't even have the right to vote.


Only you and i with the good fortune to earn a goodly sum are more deserving of the right to vote, but not to pay taxes. Let someone else have that bill.