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"the dying days of liberalism"


Interesting that he mentions Fukijama as the thing absolutely reeks of the same sort of myopic triumphalism.


Other than reveling in the comeuppance of The Dems, the Press, The Experts etc. he doesn't seem to recognize that the last 30 years in America have hardly been "liberal."


And whatever is "not liberal" has thus far failed to produce better results at either a state or national level.


The radical experiment to go all in on "not liberal" is going to fail miserably other than to let a few people continue to pillage and many more to feel better by being *****ty to their fellow man. But not much else.


Better to think about what comes next and not waste time on the phony victory dance.

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Re: "the dying days of liberalism"

15 trillion in new debt in the last 15 years but the nation is not liberal. Oh that's right, now they call it progressive.

Re: "the dying days of liberalism"

Sheesh, I didn't expect you to chip in with support.


Trumpsky plans to add 15 in 8.

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Re: "the dying days of liberalism"

Lets see the Trump cuts before passing judgement on the size of the deficit.


And I do agree with this paragraph from your link:


Liberal leaders claimed to be upholders of peace and order, while multiplying the number of wars. Obama himself is personally responsible for the killing of thousands, many of them civilians—in 2016 alone, the US dropped 72 bombs every day on average, in wars in seven countries. Obama oversaw the rapid acceleration of wealth transfer, and heightened domestic poverty, and then he is praised by pseudo-left liberal scholars and writers for having “governed well” and doing so with a professional, graceful demeanour.


Re: "the dying days of liberalism"

The math can't work any way you twist it, but twist it you will, even as it becomes too obvious for a rational person to deny.

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Re: "the dying days of liberalism"

Kind of like clinging to the conspiracy Bush dropped the twin towers and peak oil.