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"the eugenicist doctor"


and the Scaife Mellon fortune that laboriously built the current immigration drama over a half century.


Can't help but wonder about what would seem to be irreconcilable contradictions between the eugenicist wing and the anti-contraception/abortion wings of the modern movement.


Although they appear to be untroubled by simultaneously worrying over low birth rates among Good People and the explosion of the melanin afflicted.


It does appear the the good Doctor is untroubled by charges of racism, apparently thinking that term only applies to the lower class people who he energizes to the cause. "Who, me racist?"

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Capitalism Sucks

From your link:


While the Center for Immigration Studies bills itself as an independent, non-partisan research organization, it is in fact a key node in a small network of think tanks and nonprofits, founded and directed by a man whose private correspondence contains praise for anti-Semites, fascists, and race scientists of various ideological backgrounds, many of whom would go on to figure prominently in today’s so-called alt-right and financed largely by one of the oldest and wealthiest families in America. That man is John Tanton, an aging ophthalmologist from Michigan; his benefactor was Cordelia Scaife May, heir to the Scaife family fortune, a branch of the Mellon family. Neither were world-historical political masterminds, but they were vectors for world-historical forces: The institutions they created together show more clearly than most how capitalism and white supremacy are mutually constitutive; how the ruling class uses racial resentment to reinforce its rule; and how the spoils of imperialism are redeployed toward maintaining the internal colonies, racial hierarchies, and economic order of our age.


Later your essayist goes on to state that capitalists ruined the third world nations, and now ironically wish to keep their inhabitants from immigrating into the USA.


Do you ever stop and think about your twisted world view? I mean, good Lord, the Zero had almost a decade to go after the 9-11 perps, you know, the CIA, FBI, GW Bush, etc. and really show how it was an inside job, and he did nothing, right? So that had to be a bi-partisan job, right? 


I just give thanks every night that we have true patriots like you that never gave up on the melting point of steel and got the truth out on that one.


Now you have turned your keen abilities to the task of showing how capitalism is a tool of white supremacism. We will have to stay tuned to learn more each day.


Re: Capitalism Sucks

Financialized Ponzi capitalism does suck, although fortunately it is complicated enough that Joe the Plumber will never catch on. And financial colonialism most certainly engenders blowback.


Or that the source of the inheritance that funds the work was Andrew Mellon, who tripled his fortune while SecTreas as he drove the country into a depression (only a character building exercise where nobody got hurt).


These Mellon, Walton, Koch, DeVos etc. heirs are a dagger pointed at the heart of our nation.



money matters

"George Soros!!!!Tom Steyer!!!! aside, it is a simple fact that there's is at least a 10:1 RW advantage in funding for nihilistic careerists looking to snag something as a pundit or with a think tank etc.


Good work for judges, too. Better'n doing quickie divorces and DUIs out if a strip mall somewhere.


Not that I'll convince anyone who's in The Cult but that's where these really creepy crawly swamp creatures like Miller, Mulvaney, Pruitt came from. Aside from being sociopaths they got on the gravy train and liked both the money and the prestige.

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I doubt

you know the hilarious irony of your post.

Re: I doubt

No, actually thought of you when I laid that out.


Death Panels and all that.

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Re: I doubt

Maybe Ed Nutz needs a refresher course on Margaret Singer and her band of eugenic advocating progressivies.

Re: I doubt

That would be Sanger, numbnuts.


I hear our Trumpy farmers articulating on how "we need to get some tubes tied" most every time I'm at breakfast.



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good work

Posting an article condemning classism while looking down your nose at "joe the plumber" was a nice touch.

Re: good work

Regardless how poor Joe might have "felt" he was abysmally ignorant of the basics of how a business, or heaven knows, finance, work.


BTW, some of the protestations of folks like McCain and his former manager Schmidt ring hollow since they were responsible for creating some of the first crude attempts at this form of resentment populism.