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"the left"

Pretty near extinction in the US for some time.


But it could be that the 1980s "conservative" revolution finally pushed too far i.e., began openly talking about the near liquidation of all the folks who don't have the good character that The Good People posess as a natural matter.


Then I guess a number of races will begin or continue with accelerated urgency- the propaganda effort to keep the folks at the fringes of being Good People* from figuring out that they're next, the race to disinfranchise The Other before they can vote their interests, etc.


*Truth be told (by income or net worth standards) far less than 50% of the public qualify as Good People.

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Re: "the left"

Hey Knox, do yourself a favor and go help a homeless person, or shovel snow for a neighbor or help an old lady cross the street. Experience some humanity before you fall further into the abyss of hopelessness!
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Re: "the left"

Folks like that are like a rabid animal. You and I know what needs to be done with rabid animals.