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real harassment

I spent some time yesterday in the Denver airport.

Meeting a friend coming in through customs.

For 2 hours I watched travelers come through the door and if they turned right they were greeted by two young people with signs offering pro bono legal service on a hand written piece of paper.  If they turned left they were greeted by an older man without any identification.

Most coming in were well dressed and half had skis..... about 300 travelers in the 2 hours

Each person was questioned by the described  in the following manner...  with the following answers....from the 50% who answered


Did you witness harassment in customs?    No

But weren't you detained?      No

Don't you think the extra time was harrassment?   No

Were they mean to you?         No they were nice. was the most common response


I was there for 2 hours and no one said yes?  


Someone waiting said "I think there was harassment here today"....  The young girl offering free legal advice turned to this commentor and said "They are scared to admit it"....


Did the ACLU send troops to all international airports this weekend...


In other news -- the Trump signs are still up from here to Denver......

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: real harassment

I don`t think any Trump supporters have one iota of remorse on their vote or believe me, the usual suspects would have a fake news poll touting it.   So long as Trump keeps the promises that got him into office, he will peel away support from the not so loony lefties that see keeping promises is a unique quality for someone in politics today, even if they don`t totally agree with the policies.


Senior Contributor

Re: real harassment

@BA Deere wrote:

I don`t think any Trump supporters have one iota of remorse.....

Guess again Alt boy