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really hope

A second front doesn't open in Kosovo, and democrats don't get into a shooting war with China.  Don't want ww3 at any time, but with the clown car junta in dc it would be disastrous.

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BA Deere
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Re: really hope

I only believe half what I see on the news these days. we only take the word of established liars that a terrorist was killed, it could`ve been any schmuck out on his balcony having a smoke.  And who knows with Nancy going to Taiwan "in the face of threats".  In this WWE society, China might be playing possum to make their bought & paid to make the Dems look good, being as they have to know China isn`t popular in America. 

I have seen too many magic shows where a 747 disappears and ladies getting sawed in half to completely take the bait in these stories.

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Re: really hope

Good for the white flag, poopie pants guntoter demo to chime in.