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Senior Contributor

rich paying too much in taxes

the last report i quoted said the upper 20 % paid 65b % of all income taxes --the gao report yesterday says it is 94% this year --it is time we taxed the poor like obamlomo did in his last tax increase--what basis could we us e--head count --lack of work ethic --my odea FLAT TAX the only fair tax ---try me libs please

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: rich paying too much in taxes

That selective amnesia has struck again.  Some time ago you were bellowing about how Obama was taxing the poor and how wrong it was.  Now we find you are advocating just that.   Would yo like to debate me on this or "cut and run" likeall your wabbly legged buddies in the toilets.

Senior Contributor

Re: i love your admiration

by apeing my posts you show great esteem for me --now that is the way you kick butt need more !!!!