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second Civil War- timely

Watching the Koch network bots (or whoever it is) working The Folk las t week you do have to be terrified of the capacity to organize an Islamic State type insurgency more rapidly than anyone can respond to. Russia, Russia, Russia would most definitely assist. BTW, I'm inclined to believe that hereditary holders of government McFarming franchises are fairly high on the list of people with something to lose.

"For now, America is held in line by a strong rule of law and a good-enough economy that most people still have something to lose by choosing violence. But as our government and corporate leaders continue to deconstruct rule of law and economic opportunity, the norms degrade and the space for transgression becomes bigger. To FP’s poll, my gut says the likelihood of a second U.S. civil war in the next five years is between 20 and 40 percent but trending upward significantly."

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Senior Advisor

Re: second Civil War- timely

Although as someone has said, if you want to be a "futurist", just take something that is happening now and extrapolate and multiply it.

The present would suggest that if the USA begins to come apart at the seams, the government will just print money to give to People Who Matter.

Not sure how much ruin there is in this nation but it is not limitless.